It was only a few months after I started working with the Allied Pilots Association (APA) as their new designer when I met the editor of The Grey Eagles Newsletter. He told me that every year, the APA designer helps him create a yearly newsletter for the Grey Eagles. He also explained that he would send me all photos and content via email, including links to video clips. Since there was no template, I was essentially given the role of Art Director, responsible for deciding the layout and design of the newsletter.
Over the course of six months, new content kept showing up in my inbox. We were also waiting for the Grey Eagles 2023 president to send his letter for the front cover, which had been a custom for several decades. Since we didn't know when we would receive this important letter, I decided to redesign the front and back cover. The newsletter had taken on more of a magazine feel with all of the new content, so I wanted the design to reflect that. The new layout and cover design were a huge hit with the editor, president, and all of the Grey Eagle members. See the before and after covers below.
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